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Feb 5, 2022


GoTet is a real-time interactive multiplayer tile-matching game. Compete against the clock and other players. Use your spells and gain points and levels for completing your increasing square pattern.


You race against the clock to complete your increasing square pattern with tiles lying around the map. If you don't complete it in the given time then the game is lost. The current time counter is proportional with your current level. You gain points each second and for completing levels. If you complete your level using the coins you get special bonuses. Try completing the level including spell tiles and treasure chests. Good things can happen to you. Or bad.

Game modes:

Single Player Classic
You play in a solo lobby. The game ends when you complete the maximum level.
The lesser you take to beat the game the higher your score is.

Single Player Modern
Same as Single Player Classic but you have more spells to help you.
Some of the spells have a fixed price while other depend on how many tiles you currently have.

You compete with other players on the same map. You move slower once your level increases but you also gain more points. Once you reach the maximum level you cannot grow anymore but the game continues. You have all the spells so be prepared for different strategies.The longer you resist in the game the higher your score is.


WASD, arrow keys, or hold the left mouse button and move mouse = move
Space or left-click in the square = glue
M or right-click = drop

Spells (they require enough points to cast)

N= spin
B = magnet
V = shield
F = fire
C = shrink
X = speed
T = time

Mobile Controls

On mobile, tap, hold or move in the desired direction. Tap in the square to glue tiles
Use the left wheel spells to glue or release tiles. Use the right wheel for other spells.

January 25, 2022

Version 0.3 is released to ArmorGames: - introduced tiles with spells: Magnet, Speed and Time. Free spells, yey! - rebalanced spells prices. It gets a little bit harder at higher levels. D'oh! - added more shapes and orientations for the generated tiles - added new controls to mouse and touch. You can click/tap in the square to glue tiles. - bug fixes. - performance updates
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